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Giant Yellow Jacket Nest

One of the most common summer pests we deal with are yellow jackets. Yellow jackets are an aggressive type of wasp that make nests in all sorts of places. Decks, eaves, soffits, gutters, and even holes in brick can become places where yellow jackets will infiltrate to set up nests. Yellow jacket nests can become […]

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Identifying a Honey Bee

“Help! I’ve got honey bees in my house!” As summer approaches, we start to get a lot more calls for “bees.” I put “bees” in quotation marks because often “bee” is a catch-all phrase people will use to refer to any and all stinging insects. Yellow jackets, carpenter bees, honey bees, bald faced hornets, mud […]

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Biggest Yellow Jacket Nests Ever!

Have you ever had your barbecue ruined by a pesty yellow jacket nest on your back porch, or had to warn the kids against playing in a certain part of the yard because of a hive in some bushes or trees? Perhaps you have had the experience of having German yellow jackets get into your […]

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