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Dave was terrific

Last year, we heard scrabbling in our walls and called Creature Control to help figure out the problem. Dave was terrific. His professionalism, politeness, and great customer service was really the best that we've experienced in a long time. He quickly identified the entry point for the scrabbling issue and also identified a bat problem. He resolved both the chipmunk and bat problem at our house. We will definitely contact Creature Control again in the future should we ever have pest problems again. We've had no further problems after Dave sealed possible entry points.

Joie W, Lansing, MI

What our customers say about Creature Control

"Chris kept in touch with me regularly, even giving me his cell number. He was very easy to work with. I'm a single woman, and it's hard to find a good company to work with. I've used other companies, and those weren't half as good as this one is!"

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Donna F., Ann Arbor, MI.

"Jesse came to our home and assessed what needed to be done with the bat guano that the buyer's inspector found. He talked to us and sent over an employee to clean up and sanitize the area. The buyers were completed satisfied and our home was sold."

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Ron M., Gregory, MI.

"Creature Control did a really good job of figuring out the cause of our problem. Their service is very convenient. I really appreciated all the information they gave us on our problem and how to fix it. It has been very nice to work with them."

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Kelly V., Wyoming, MI.