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Stuck with me until I was completely secure and satisfied

"Creature Control helped me when I had a bat problem in my house. My house is older, and one night in the middle of the night, I realized that there was a bat flying around in my home! It really freaked me out since I'm scared of bats. I didn't know what to do because I had never had a bat problem in my life. The next day after I calmed down, I went to the phone book, and started going down the line of animal control companies. Since it was in August (and apparently homeowners experience a great deal of bat issues in August), all of the companies were busy. No one could come out right away to help me. I left a discouraged voice mail with Creature Control, and they called me back within ten minutes. They were the only ones who were able to come to my house that same day!

The gentleman was very thorough. He was here for three hours, evaluating how the bats were getting in. He could sense that I was petrified, and he was very accommodating toward me. I felt very comfortable having him in my house, too. He listened to me even though he knew he could not do anything for me that same day without the proper materials. He explained ways to prevent the bats from coming back in the meantime.

After a few days, he came back to fully take care of the problem. After his visit, I no longer had any issues with bats in my home. When the weather started getting cold again, however, I noticed the bats hanging around nearby trees. Creature Control took all my calls during this time to reassure me and make me feel better.

Although the price was not super cheap, I felt it was reasonable. He did give a very thorough evaluation and provided me with a lot of information after all.
My only reason for giving them four stars for my total experience was that they had promised to remove the check valves on the roof after they were no longer necessary. They said they would come back after a month. When that didn't happen, I let them know that I was not pleased with their lack of follow-up. They apologized and arranged a good time to come to fix that work. I like that I can trust this company to work with me until the very end and stick with me until I was completely happy.

They were very nice guys to work with. I would recommend Creature Control to anyone."

Kris K., Grand Rapids, MI.

What our customers say about Creature Control

Shawn came to our home to help with some unfriendly insects. He was well informed and pleasantly professional to talk to about our concerns. He gave information and tips to help us in the future. This is an easy recommendation to make!

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David, Howell, MI.

I was battling bats in my house for 3 years. Two other companies failed to remove them for huge prices. Dominic from Creature Control found their entry points and with in a month I was bat free for a price that was low for the excellent service.

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Jo, Jackson, MI.

"Our apartment had a bed bug problem that was just beginning to get out of hand. Ron did a thorough and excellent job of treating the entire apartment and within a week, the problem was solved. I would recommend this company and Ron."

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Manruthi T., Ann Arbor, MI.