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That kid is awesome!

"Trevor from Creature Control came out to take care of something that was running over between the walls of our house. Trevor found out it was a squirrel, so he set up a one-way trap so the animal could only get out and not in. Not only did he get the animal on the first try, but he came back to take care of it. He boarded up the house and patched the hole where they were getting in next to the foundation of the house, which was a lot of work! That kid is awesome! I wouldn't hesitate to use Creature Control! He knows all about animals, including bats and squirrels. Trevor's like a scientist!"

Sue M., Brighton, MI.

What our customers say about Creature Control

"Highly recommend this company... They are fast, professional, knowledgeable, honest, and provided exceptional customer service. I will absolutely spread the word and help support this company's continued success in Pinckney."

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Liz W., Pinckney, MI.

I would definitely recommend Creature Control and Brandon to anyone who has a problem with unwanted guests. They come out quickly and do a wonderful job.

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Pascale F., Rochester, MI.

"Creature Control did a really good job of figuring out the cause of our problem. Their service is very convenient. I really appreciated all the information they gave us on our problem and how to fix it. It has been very nice to work with them."

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Kelly V., Wyoming, MI.