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"This was my first experience with Creature Control. A raccoon was loose in my house and was causing such a nightmare! I could hear it in the walls at night, and I was really scared. I found Creature Control in the Yellow Pages, so I feel really lucky to have picked a very reputable company. I called them and they were able to come out in a timely manner to meet with me. I interviewed both Jesse and Tim before letting them into my house.

They made me feel comfortable and were very professional. They went up into the attic and told me what they saw. They saw that my suspicions were right, and that a raccoon had been there. They even figured out how it had gotten in. The raccoon had pulled back the webbing on the attic fan to get in. They left a couple of traps and sure enough, a couple of days later we caught it! I called them immediately, even though it was only six in the morning. Jesse told me that they didn't usually take calls before eight, but he'd send someone over to get it. They came and got it and left another trap up there just in case a second raccoon came along.

Then they went to work with repairs, they removed the insulation, which stunk, and hauled it away. The raccoon had done a number in the attic, pulling on the insulation and wires and just making a mess of things. They removed the fan and put in all new insulation, up to the new building codes, and worked hard through ninety degree days. They did a remarkable job! They have a great system and worked hard. It was very time-consuming for them to get everything done. But they did, and I am very pleased and completely satisfied. I've gone ahead and recommended them to others. I would use them again too."

Marjorie C., Ann Arbor, MI.

What our customers say about Creature Control

I had the good fortune to call your company to help me with a mouse problem. Shawn and Brandon were extremely knowledgeable, made sure I understood your process, were respectful of my property and, in my opinion, provided stellar customer service.

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Cindy, Plymouth

"I had a problem with raccoons that I did not discover till the damage to my home was already done. Jesse dealt with the insurance company for me. He stayed right on schedule. Best of all, our raccoon problem is gone. I could not have expected more."

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Mary D., Grand Haven, MI

Shawn came to our home to help with some unfriendly insects. He was well informed and pleasantly professional to talk to about our concerns. He gave information and tips to help us in the future. This is an easy recommendation to make!

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David, Howell, MI.