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Took care of emergency immediately, unlike company we normally use

"We had a great experience with Creature Control. We needed somebody in a hurry, and we actually use a different company here at work for monthly service, so we called them first. They said they could come out in 3 days, but we had a large hornets nest that needed to be taken down, and we needed it to be taken down the next day. We had a contractor that needed to paint something, but he couldn't do it with the hornet nest there, so time was very important.

We called Creature Control and we were told we would get a call back, but we didn't, so we called again and got the owner. He said he would get right on it, and within 45 minutes we had an appointment set up for that very day.

The guy came out that night, around 6:30 or 7:00, and he got the job done. We had questions, and he answered all of them. Between his professionalism, and the professionalism we experienced over the phone, we have been thinking about using their service on a more permanent basis. We want to use somebody local, which our current company is not, and we didn't get the response we wanted from our current company either, so we'll probably be using Creature Control on a monthly basis, if that option is available."

Dick S., Ann Arbor, MI.

What our customers say about Creature Control

"Trevor came out to take care of something that was running over between our walls. Not only did he get the squirrel on the first try, but he came back to take care of it. That kid is awesome! He knows all about animals. Trevor's like a scientist!"

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Sue M., Brighton, MI.

We appreciate our service tech and how he has provided a first class approach to getting all the unwanted critters from our home and cabin. It’s great to see true professionals in the work place today .Thank you for backing up what you claim!

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Tony S., Bellevue, MI

I would definitely recommend Creature Control and Brandon to anyone who has a problem with unwanted guests. They come out quickly and do a wonderful job.

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Pascale F., Rochester, MI.